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When travelling with your pets to Hawaii, there are requirements that need to be followed to avoid long quarantine in Hawaii or even denial of entry into Hawaii.

For travel with your dogs or cats, please see the following link for Information Brochure and other important forms:  http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/aqs/animal-quarantine-information-page/

Fort travel with your birds, please see the following link for requirements:  http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/ldc/importing-livestock/birds-and-poultry/

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BIRD OWNERS!  Please check and make sure your bird is not listed on prohibited species list before making any arrangements!  Before your birds can enter Hawaii, they must go through 7 days (168 hours ) isolation under supervision of accredited veterinarian AND enter Hawaii WITHIN 36 HOURS OF COMPLETION OF ISOLATION.  Please plan your trip carefully!!

犬や猫と一緒にハワイに入島する際、係留期間が5日間以内となるために必要な手続きの手順を和訳した文書は、こちらよりダウンロードできます: under construction

鳥と一緒にハワイに入島する際の条件を和訳した文書はこちらよりダウンロードできます: ペットの鳥や家禽のハワイ入島の条件