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Dental Care

Your pet can have symptoms of oral disease, even if you don't notice them. This is where professionals like us can help you. We can identify periodontal disease early to ensure your pet receives excellent dental care.

Our veterinarians can conduct comprehensive oral health exams to detect plaque accumulating on your pet's teeth. A suitable treatment plan will be made accordingly.

Importance of Professional Dental Care
The rampant spread of tartar in your pet's oral cavity sets off a disastrous chain of events. It serves as a harbor for virulent bacteria and systematically undermines the bond between the teeth and jawbone. Although pets with a periodontal illness often silently endure immense pain, it usually goes unnoticed until the deterioration is severe.

Routine dental cleanings, performed under general anesthesia, can help ensure that your pet's mouth remains in optimal health and allow them to enjoy a prolonged, thriving existence. Our professional recommendation is to undergo this procedure at least once yearly. The frequency of cleanings may vary depending on your pet's breed, mouth structure, and rate of tartar buildup.

Don't let periodontal disease go undetected; secure your pet's oral health with regular dental care.

Our Pet Dentistry Services
At Muirlands Animal & Avian, we offer comprehensive preventative dental care services to ensure your pets the best dental care available. These services include:

  • Dental wellness exams
  • Annual cleanings.
  • Dental x-rays.
  • Dental extractions and pain management.

We can also perform any of the required labwork before the dental procedures to ensure your pet is medically fit for any dental procedures.