Diagnostic and Preventative Care: Dr Ikeda can help you assess and help you with your pet’s complete health needs. A biannual examination by a skilled veterinarian is important in detecting health issues early! We also have a range of specialists to refer to for difficult cases.

Surgery: We provide a wide variety of surgical procedures ranging from a basic spay/neuter to a orthopedic surgery performed by a board certified specialist. Our well-trained staff will monitor your pet while s/he is under anesthesia and during post-surgical recovery.We pride ourselves in our careful and thorough anesthetic protocol. All anesthetic procedures include the following monitoring for the safety of your pet:

Preoperative Blood Panel- This is the detect any potential health issues prior to going under anesthesia including, kidney disease, liver disease or infection.

Preoperative Physical Examination

IV Catheter and IV Fluid Administration

Thermal Support

Monitoring of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Respiration, and Oxygen Saturation

Post Operative Nursing Care.

Dentalprophylaxis: We offer both anesthetic and non-anesthetic dental cleaning to qualifying candidates. We offer a complete dental care program to help keep your pet’s teeth clean after his or her annual anesthetic dental. We also have digital radiographs for your pet’s anesthetic dental cleaning. Let us help you choose the best home care for your pet.

Radiology: Our on-site digital x-ray equipment will help us to better assess your pet’s health.

Ultrasounds: Our doctors perform ultrasounds regularly to better assess your pet’s health. We also have a specialist who comes in for specialized cases.

Laboratory: Most of our blood samples sent to an outside lab; however, we do perform in-house labs such as pre-surgery blood work, simple microbiology, and some cytology and in emergency cases.

Pharmacy: Our doctors have access to a fully maintained pharmacy in our hospital. We also special-order medications for our patients with 48-hour notice.

Weight Management: Weight management is one of many issues in pet healthcare that we emphasize strongly on. We will assess your pet’s body condition score (BCS) during your exam and help guide you to a healthier, lighter pet. We also offer a range of prescriptive diets to help your pet reach his or her goals.

Nutritional Management: Along with weight management, we offer prescriptive diets to meet your pet’s health needs. Our doctors can help you make a customized meal plan with our prescriptive diets to help your pet feel better from within. We also take special orders with 48-hour notice.

Behavioral Counseling: Does your dog destroy your house when you are gone? Does your bird periodically pluck its chest bald? These are some behavioral issues our doctors can help you with. We also refer to behavioral specialists for specialized cases.