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Look no further, this place is the best! We originally started going to Muirlands just out of convenience and good yelp reviews. The first couple years was just the normal check ups for our black lab Maggie. They were always really nice and we felt good going there. When real things unfortunately come up for your pup is when Dr. Ikeda and his staff really shine. They went way above and beyond when we found a 5 pound tumor in our girl. The things they did and care they provided her were above and beyond our highest expectations(among several other actions, Dr. Ikeda cooked Maggie chicken and rice at his home at 9pm and went back to the hospital to feed and spend time with her). We had 3 major surgeries performed by Dr. Ikeda and his staff, all with great results. We started going here due to proximity, but would now continue going here no matter how inconvenient. Sheila and the rest of the girls love their job and it shows every time.

This has been, without a doubt, the best Vet I’ve ever taken my boys to see. The entire staff is friendly and engaged. Each of them professes their love for animals of every sort. While I’m there I see other cats, dogs, birds, everything. The doctors’ demeanor is incredibly warm and compassionate, and they understand your desires and wishes for your animals’ care regardless of the context.

One of my boys has anxiety, unfortunately, and he is well accommodated every single step of the way. He is always in good hands, and even when I can’t see my animals, I get full updates as to their care and goings-on in the back. Complete with loving anecdotes about silly things they do while they’re in their care.

That right there. The staff treat my little angels the way I would, and fawn over them the way they would be treated at home. There’s no higher compliment one can give to a veterinary staff.

I cannot recommend this place enough, and I will continue to take my animals here as long as I live anywhere near this office. Wonderful experience, every time.

I highly recommend Dr. Ikeda and his office, Muirlands Animal & Avian Hospital. We have taken our various cats to Dr. Ikeda for many years. He has been a skillful and caring vet to all our animals. He presents various treatment options to fit your family philosophy and finances, which we really appreciate. In addition, he is willing to try new and different treatments.

He helped us when we adopted a family of six kittens and their mom from a shelter and cared for them throughout their lives. Now we have an older cat with serious health issues and he has gone out of his way to bring in opinions from other vets to successfully treat this cat and keep her alive!

The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They space the appointments so that the waiting room is not crowded with animals, reducing the stress on your pet. Going to this office is like going to visit your family!!

I took my parakeet here after she was unsuccessfully treated for scaly mites at another vet. Dr. Kanbe tested some of the buildup around her beak and determined she actually did not even have mites any more. This saved her from receiving additional unnecessary doses of medicine which could not be good for her. I was so happy about that and about my choice to bring her here for a second opinion. Since then, I have been taking my birds there. My daughter and I love Nicole at the front desk. It is truly fun to come and chit chat while we wait for the appointment. We brought our other parakeet in for a checkup and we saw Dr. Ikeda and he was so awesome! We just loved him, he was so nice and explained so much about the birds, even letting my daughter listen to the heart beat! He is truly an expert. It is kind of far for me to drive, but totally worth it!! I highly recommend them!

9/25/2015 Updated review
thank you for being so good to my rat bebe. i am in utter disbelief over how kind and caring your staff is. i truly think my rat is only alive because of your guys’ heartfelt love earlier today. i will recommend this vet to anyone and everyone i know. your actions aren’t being ignored. thank you so, so much. dr ikeda was kind, patient and understanding- even as i was embarrassingly sobbing in front of him as he told me what was going on with my pet rat. he told me about his past animals (including pet rats) as well and that i shouldn’t blame myself for her health issues. he was gentle with her and you can truly see his love for animals in how he handles them. i am still in disbelief over how accommodating your staff was as well – so, with all that being said, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being so truly amazing. love, Cailin & Bebe the rat

7/18/2015 Previous review
My pet rat Bebe (who is my best friend in the world) had been sneezing a lot and twitching. I looked around yelp for an exotic animal vet (most places just do cats & dogs) and I found this one. I guess it is a little more expensive than most? ($68 for my first visit + $5 for a record fee) I’m 17 so I don’t really know what it usually costs at most places anyway. But this place – amazing. So welcoming from the first time they picked up the phone, all the way until after my Bebe had her visit. They even posted a picture of her on their Facebook! It was so cute. They are welcoming, kind, very open to all questions and explain fully, and they don’t overcharge. My Bebe needed antibiotics and he said he might want to do bloodwork on her but said he will start her off with just the antibiotics to see how that goes, so he won’t have to charge more than necessary. My visit was all under $80. I am soooo happy and this will definitely be a place i will go to for anything I need. Thank you guys!

Everyone here is awesome and super sweet! After a disaster at another vet ( Banfield) it is so refreshing to have met such a welcoming staff! We have met both doctors and bother were so sweet and caring! The staff called to welcome our new puppy to the practice which was so personal and sweet. We made an appointment for our other dog and couldn’t get into an appointment for at least a week and they called us to make sure our dog was okay over the weekend. They are so sweet and they go over pricing with you before they do anything to make sure you are aware of what is being charged. This is awesome because we know exactly what we are paying for and what we are getting. Our boys were very happy and so are we! Thank You!

Our precious little Trix had already been to one vet but she wasn’t getting better. Dr. Kanbe was able to provide us with an acurate diagnosis and suggest alternatives. Dr. Ikeda was so kind and compassionate with our family. I would recommend this vet to everyone I love and care about. They are sensitive, professional, and ethical.

Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.

Very glad that my husband came across this place. Our Caique has been having mucus issues off and on for quite a while now. His prior vet just blanketed him with the basic stuff and were more interested in finding ways to get us to give them more money.

Everyone here is incredibly nice – they follow through with everything they say and are genuinely happy.

Doctor Ikeda clearly loves his job and is extremely knowledgeable about birds, which is a huge relief. He made sure we knew exactly what he was doing with our bird and was very thoughtful in allowing us to think over on following through on some tests just in case the less expensive option worked.

Dr. Kanbe helped my Green cheek conure Rico when I was a bad parent and accidently slammed his foot in the door. She was extremely caring and even called to check on him days after. The staff is sweet and I would make the 35 minute drive from home to go to this office more than any other vet. I highly recommend and want to thank you guys for helping my boy! The prices are also very good, I expected a big bill and walked out with money in my pocket. Thank you and your staff for being so wonderful.

This is the most wonderful vet in all of OC. Dr. Ikeda is incredibly kind, caring and intelligent. The vet techs are always gentle and loving with my sensitive dog, it’s easy to tell that she loves them! And of course the ladies at the front desk are always friendly and very clear.

My family has been coming to see Dr. Ikeda for many years now. He’s assisted us with many of our dogs. Currently, he has been working with my sick cattle dog. He’s respectful and very caring. I have been very pleased with his work and his vet tech’s care of her.

Thank you Muirlands Animal Hospital for taking such great care of my baby!!

The staff is absolutely wonderful. I have two chihuahuas who are very timid and hated going to the vet prior to finding Muirlands Animal & Avian Hospital. Ever since going here, my dogs have actually wagged their little tails, and pull to get IN the front door, not out!! It is a miracle. Sheila and Angie are so friendly and loving when you come in the door. Shaun is the best groomer out their. Ana is a great teeth cleaner, and the Doctors are really great at what they do. I have emailed them a picture of a scrap on my dogs leg, on a Sunday, and gotten a response within a few minutes as to what to do. Overall, I trust this wonderful place 100%. You can tell they actually love your animals as much as you do. If my dogs love them, trust me it’s a miracle!

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Wonderful place, they will work with you and they have wonderful caring people. I take all my and my families doggies!

“All of our pets have here since 1987, everyone knows our pets and loves them like we do. Our friends even come here!” S. Chaney with Chloe, Ziggy, Lilly,Woody, Sophie and Suzy Q

“Very professional” T. Ishida with Ungel

“Very friendly staff” C. Huxford with Noodle

“When I come in I feel like I am welcomed, I am home! The Doctor’s are the best and also the employee’s, they are like family.” J. Polancic with Bogey

“The loving care and professional attention for my dogs needs.” Dr. Coleman with Ambrose

“Excellence-Integrity-Awesome Dr.’s and staff. I’m always confident my boys are in great hands. Dr. Ikeda, Dr. Kanbe and staff are simply the best.”

“No improvement necessary. Dr. Ikeda is the best diagnostician on the planet bar none. I’d trust him to treat me! T. Sampson