Boarding: Here at Muirlands Animal & Avian Hospital we have full boarding facilities for our canine, feline, and avian patients. During your pet’s stay they will be cared for by our loving and attentive animal care attendants and monitored daily for activity, appetite, water consumption, bowel movements and urination and any potential issues will be reported to the doctor on duty in a timely manner. Special needs patients can also be accommodated. We also offer boarding “extra’s” including supervised play time where your pet can interact with others as long as temperament allows, increased walk times and bathing. In order to ensure all pet’s are healthy under our care, the following wellness program must be up to date for all pets boarding with us: A physical examination with one of our doctors within the last year, a bordetella vaccine and intestinal parasite test within the past 6 months and current rabies and distemper vaccines. Daycare is also available.

We cannot accept RAW DIETS when you pet boards. We do offer a house kibble that is very easy on the tummy, or you can bring in another type of diet if you prefer. If you are self medicating your pet with any form of Cannabis, this will not be accepted into our hospital.

Review our Hospital Policies for boarding here!

At Muirlands Animal and Avian Hospital we roll out the red carpet!