Stress free and training

Check out these links for help making a vet visit stress free!

Stress free visit to the vet for felines

 Animal Planet: Dogs 101

Quick informational videos about various dog breeds and puppy care.

Animal Planet: Cats 101

Quick informational videos about various cat breeds and kitten care.

  Youtube: Zak George Dog Training

Certified Dog Trainer

Alex Tamaki

Aiken dog training is a family owned business that started in 2010. In the first 5 years of business they have trained close to 400 dogs within the Orange and LA County area in basic obedience, problem solving and behavior modification for various breeds. Aiken also structures multi-breed “Pack Walks” for various clients at local parks to create a sense of community and to reinforce the techniques for their clients learned through the training programs. 

Puppy Classes

Request now being taken for group puppy training (location and dates depend on demand). 

3 sessions plus 1 “Bonus Session”, socialization multi-breed & age. “Pack Walk” training TBD.

Fee: $100.00 bundle per dog & 1/2 off multiple dogs.

All puppies must have a rabies vaccination completed and at least 5 months old for group training. Call Julie @ 949-371-3912 for reservations.