Caged Bird Bill of Rights!

Although we have many decades of tradition in keeping companion birds in aviaries and as pets, we, as steward, have often failed to meet the basic needs of these animals. The intrinsic nature of most birds leads them to be adaptable to almost any circumstance, even those that fall far short of thoughtful, humane care. Although our caged birds may appear tolerant of conditions and traditions that defy logic and common sense, we have a responsibility to define and deliver a standard of care befitting these wonderful creatures.

  • The right to a clean, safe enclosure.
  • The right to eat food that will promote health.
  • The right to clean water.
  • The right to fresh air.
  • The right to exercise.
  • The right to interact.
  • The right to bathe.
  • The right to experience sunlight, wind, rain and the elements of nature.
  • The right to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark (undisturbed sleep.)